NFT Universe
  • For: PolyOne
  • Area: Motion, 3D, Branding, NFT, Video mapping
  • Tools: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Spark AR
  • Year: 2022

My mission was to represent PolyOne with three animations, I decided to focus on their NFT universe. These animations will be the visible face of the access tickets for their NFT marketplace, including these animations as NFT in the purchase.

PolyOne is a multidisciplinary arts and entertainment NFT platform, protecting and promoting artists to achieve its global mission, donating all its profits to accredited charities.

Logotype reveal PolyOne
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I got in touch with the creative director and after taking a look at my portfolio, he suggested me to create three loops (my signature dish) to access the marketplace on their website. Later, he explained in detail the brand, its purpose and the blockchain world where it was going to be developed.

With the briefing already defined… I got down to work to reflect the brand in the proposal, focusing on its name, I established the people (poly) give life to the brand (one), making possible the existence of the brand (PolyOne) and its great altruistic purpose helping those who help.

Creative director of PolyOne and Trendland: Cyril Foiret


I wanted the graphic form of this proposal to be related to the world of collecting and the art market. I wanted the representation of the NFTs (pieces of art) to be abstract because it had to represent for example an animation, a performance or a song… Therefore, I decided to create the metaphor of marble collecting where artists and collectors exchange their marbles («NFTs») on the PolyOne website (their exchange «square») from New York.

This was the first steps on my proposal, the Collectible marbles.


With the approval, we continued exploring with the marbles texture in Cinema 4D, we discovered some spectacular looks, each one looked like a new planet and we said… Why not evolve the main idea? Haven’t you seen the end of «Men In Black»?

We continued with the main idea but with a totally different graphic representation, we were going to capture the brand universe in outer space. We opened a huge door of creativity especially if we are inspired by external galaxies, being able to generate spectacular animations with 3D without following the laws of our physics.


We were exploring the creation of new planets and new galaxies, but finally it was decided that we should represent our galaxy and get closer to the reality and physics of our planets, this being the beginning, later a new exoplanet project will be developed. Building on the achievements of the «James Webb» Space Telescope.

With the latest creative directions, it was decided to create long animations as if it were almost a static frame in which small alterations were going to happen, so that everyone can calmly enjoy this NFT as if it were «more» than a frame, with a loop at the end to be link with the beginning.

Ticket-loop Alternative version
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Final ticket animations

– Moon ticket
– Sun ticket
– Earth ticket

NFTs available soon at

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Our NewYork-Granada connection was very good, we were comfortable working together and after finishing this «tickets-loop» project they commissioned me with a couple more projects where I could continue developing their «NFT Universe».

Later, they proposed me to make some animations for the logo in line with this universe, these motions were going to be applied at the beginning, end or as a curtain on different promotional brand videos. They were meant to be as a logo reveal where it will work as a transition between the before and after of the video. You were able to visualize these animations at the beginning of the project.

I was commissioned to materialize a motion idea of the founder of PolyOne himself, it was an initial animation to our universe, we were going to make a simile between the beginning of the universe with the foundation of blockchain technology (essential for the creation of NFTs and DeFi), represented with the Ethereum symbol. This briefing+storyboard came closed.

Founder of PolyOne: Shawn Emamjomeh

Dawn of the universe Ethereum
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The brand launch was in the Erbil Citadel, UNESCO World Heritage (Kurdish capital and oldest city on our planet), an ideal place where PolyOne was born and our animations make sense. Our motions were projected for the first time on the ancient central fort (the following recordings belong to PolyOne).

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I don’t know if you had noticed but… We’d created Methereum! Why not bring it to augmented reality?

Finally, I proposed to make two augmented reality filters with the material created to promote the brand on social media. We could incorporate the planets or even the animation of the tickets, so that people would discover it in the filter or simply take a photo as we can see in the references.

For those animations we had also created the «Methereum», an Ethereum-shaped meteorite that we could orbit around or interact with people’s heads. We already had to develop these resources for the other motions, it would have been very easy to implement them in AR but… At the end, those projects weren’t carried out.

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