Through my guiri eyes
  • For: Colectivo Verbena
  • Area: Motion, 3D, Branding
  • Tools: Cinema 4D, Houdini, Marvelous, After Effects
  • Year: 2021
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I wanted to show the Colectivo Verbena in the best way, through my eyes (those of a foreigner or «guiri» in spanish), to show each strong point that makes them unique with visual metaphors, designed to share them on social media.

I’ve been working with them for four months side by side, I was encouraged to create them a project, I proposed to represent them through «so cool 3D» metaphors, I’ve tried to capture my look at the collective from my perspective.

The first thing we needed was to unify the definition of their collective, for this, we made dynamics that helped to verbalize what each member thought and felt of the collective, I took notes of the talks and thoughts that came up. The most valuable information they told us were their strengths and their adjectives (Colectivo Verbena is: Patient, Nonviolent, Funny, Human, Spontaneous and Constant). From here I rolled up and I started to design and sketch.

I had to represent them with their same spirit, fun and with party mood (a «verbena» for me is a spanish party very warm without bad vibes and with a retro touch). For something so dynamic I decided to use my main techniques and had learned in a self-taught way, motion, 3D nd kinetic typography.

They support each other
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Safe space
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So hilarious sooo empathetic
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They support each other – They help each other at all times and adapt to keep going with the same rhythm, continuing with the party until it ends. Like the pieces of this caramel.

Safe space – It’s only understood in plural, working as a team and calling more collaborators to the party, they all form this safe space. Adding triangles to our bubble.

So hilarious sooo empathetic – They work hard on each project, working with their good vibes, they bring out the best of each one by being themselves, creating sooo cool things. As funny as our hairy friend.

Here we go with the Making-of…


My purpose was to show the collective from my point of view, so I designed some loops focused for social media that were attractive, enjoyable, dynamic and a bit abstract. I show our main character, the triangle (their isotype), in their sauce.

At the beginning, we set the final goal of create three abstract loops, once we reached this goal, I saw that the project could be more complete if I designed a last piece that would explain a little bit these metaphors by taking the 3D scenes that we had already designed, creating a more cinematographic piece that played with the fames, rhythms and typography to continue generating dynamism.

The «Disheveled» loop animation was selected for the DEMO festival 2022, projected on 5000 screens in Netherlands and in its metaverse.

Initial 3 loops Colectivo Verbena Through my guiri eyes
Flowww Difficulties + Support each other
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Raw 3D loop Making-of
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Water simulation Making-of
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Cloth simulation Making-of
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Bubblet go Grow + Safe space
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Raw 3D loop Making-of
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Morphing shape Making-of
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Disheveled Bristly hair + Funny
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Raw 3D loop Making-of
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Morphing sphere Making-of
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Putting on my best smile, just a sec Player1___
Calibrating my awesomeness level___ [000%]